About Us

- Kelly-Sue O'Connor, Author -

Kelly-Sue has rescued 4 animals so far (might as well assume there will be many more) It all started with Banana bird the canary and she later rescued 3 bunnies! She currently lives in Toronto with her husband Mike, the illustrator, and her son Fenn. She is an avid birder, citizen science participator and singer-songwriter. Kelly-Sue is an East Coast Canadian with a significant obsession of ocean and forests.

- Mike Gatti, Illustrator -

Mike Gatti is a freelance animator, illustrator and character designer with over 20 years experience in the industry. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Mike has worked as a stop motion animator, creative director and character designer on many diverse projects that range from television series, children's books, music videos, commercial spots and film.  

- Daccia Bloomfield, Story Consultant & Editor  -

Daccia Bloomfield is a published author (Dora Borealis/ ECW Press 2008) and a counsellor/advocate working with assaulted women and kids. With Rachael Cardiello (www.rachaelcardiello.com), she writes lyrics for the band “Tidal Mouth” an experimental music project. Her screenplay, The Fallers, was recently awarded The Harold Greenberg Second-to-Third draft fund for 2017. She is very excited about Banana Bird, and hopes to watch him fly through many grand adventures. She lives in Toronto with her partner and her unusually large collection of half-used lipsticks