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  With Covid we are unsure of expected delivery dates for those being shipped out but will update when we start shipping. Books are off to print this week!

About Banana Bird

Banana Bird came into my care in the summer of 2005. I came across him in an alleyway at Queen and Bathurst in downtown Toronto. He was not able to fly well and I grabbed a box from a local restaurant so I could rescue him. I knew nothing about birds at this time and I had no intention of keeping him but as time went on and I had no responses to the posters I had put up I decided the only thing I could do was figure out how to care for him.


Banana Bird and I became the best of friends. He traveled in a small cage with me on my bike to go shopping or to patio brunches.  Everywhere we went he was a celebrity. At home he had a flight cage and he spent most of his time free range but he never did become a strong flyer. After about 6 months he was brave enough to sing in front of me and we would sing together for hours.


Banana Bird particularly loved Christmas and the lights on the tree. His favourite bands to sing to were Beck, Deerhoof and Blonde Redhead. He was a very special friend and I loved him deeply. Unfortunately he passed away after a brief illness in 2009. He certainly lived life to the fullest and he filled my heart with love.

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